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About Fish Over Chicks

Fish Over Chicks was founded in 2016 by Me, Peter Miller, as a small t-shirt business when I was a sophomore in high school. I loved fishing and my friends and I always used to say "fish over chicks". Which was basically a funny way of saying we'd rather be fishing, than chasing girls. I made a logo for the saying and had my own little business, selling t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and stickers. After a few years of selling these items, I started taking up woodworking. After realizing I had a knack for the craft, I spent countless hours building anything from cutting boards, to coffee tables to at home bars. I met John in 2020 in our freshman year of college. We quickly discovered that they both had a passion for woodworking and became fast friends. In early 2021 we decided to start a woodworking youtube channel together. With Johns background in video editing and woodworking and my background in woodworking and my outgoing personality, we knew we could make this youtube thing work. So then all we needed was a name for the channel. Since I had always loved the saying Fish Over Chicks and wanted to revive the brand, John and I agreed upon the name Fish Over Chicks Woodworking. We are still full time college students but spend our free time working on the channel and the brand. We post new videos every Monday and Thursday on our youtube channel Fish Over Chicks Woodworking.

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